Business Profile: Johnson Pools & Spas

Johnson Pools & Spas has been serving the Madison County community of Huntsville,Alabama for over 35 years and specializes in the design, build and installation of custom and budget friendly swimming pools. To fully and adequately display Johnson Pools & Spas’ builder, service and retail departments in an updated manner, we created a new website with branded social media accounts and a blog.

We created a web presence for Johnson Pools & Spas that embodies their pool building, pool service and pool and backyard living retail store all in one. The newly launched web presence includes an up-to-date website, branded social media and an integrated blog.

The New Website

Johnson Pools & Spas’ new website design includes easier navigation, up-to-date content and a sleek design that is engaging to customers. The strategic content was created on an analytic review of typical customer behavior, such as backyard and swimming pool design ideas, store hours and their current featured products.

A great new feature to the website is where customers can schedule a service appointment. This makes it quick and simple to set up an appointment with the professionally trained staff of Johnson Pools & Spas. The website is also fully integrated to feature their new branded social media and blog.

Branded Social Media & Blog 

There has been a recent push in the pool industry to integrate social media accounts and blogs to the website. We specialize in making social media accounts and blogs that enable social sharing and search engine optimization value. For Johnson Pools & Spas, the new content marketing opportunities allow for fresh customer engagement opportunities. It will also support brand awareness and increase lead generation by introducing topics that are relevant to customers such as swimming pool design ideas, backyard living ideas, swimming pool accessories and service.

To learn more about how you can establish a fantastic web presence, like Johnson Pools & Spas’ and our other great clients, contact us today!

APSP Partners with Small Screen Producer


(ALEXANDRIA, VA) – The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) announces a new business services partnership with Small Screen Producer, a Houston-based company specializing in interactive web based media solutions, to provide APSP members with preferred pricing on traditional and web based marketing services.  Through www.poolmarketingsite, APSP members will have access to affordable services to effectively enhance their web presence, provide lead generation, brand promotion, content marketing and digital engagement strategies.

“Because APSP is dedicated to the growth and development of its members’ businesses, we recognize the need to offer our members an easy way to market to the new mobile-enabled, socially connected, tech savvy consumer,” said APSP President and CEO Bill Weber.

APSP sponsored consumer research shows that today’s pool and hot tub prospects begin their shopping with an online search to help determine which dealers to visit.  If a web presence is not up to par, consumers may never take the next step into a showroom. “A strong, professional web presence will help our members reflect success to today’s customer,” added Weber.

The Pool Marketing site is a division of Small Screen Producer, and has provided full service strategic marketing solutions to help the pool, spa and hot tub industry sell the backyard living experience to consumers.  Their professional web presence design teams can establish a complete online infrastructure to springboard internet marketing campaigns through the use of interactive, socially shareable websites, mobile websites, iPad friendly sales presentations, print design, exhibit design, social media marketing, video production, and search engine optimization services.

“We are honored APSP has chosen us to provide online and traditional marketing solutions to its members,” said Pam Vinje, President and CEO of Small Screen Producer. “Our commitment to the membership is that we will seek to stay ahead of the technology curve through our ongoing commitment to researching the latest search engine, website design, social media, and mobile technology innovations and integrations.  Our partnership with APSP will grant many more manufacturers and small businesses the opportunity to develop a much needed total web presence strategy,” says Vinje.

The Pool Marketing Site has provided digital media marketing services to APSP International Awards of Excellence recipients, Pool and Spa News Top 50 builders, along with many service professionals, retailers, and pool and spa industry manufacturers and agents.

In addition to marketing services to showcase members’ products and services, APSP members will also have access to monthly marketing webinars, hosted by Small Screen Producer and sponsored by APSP.  Members can also get started with a free custom local SEO report card and a free online web presence marketing assessment.

APSP members interested in taking advantage of this members-only discount program can visit www.poolmarketingsite or call 281-569-4370.

With the addition of the Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, APSP introduces another business services provider to its Member Discount Program. APSP reaches hundreds of companies serving the pool, spa and hot tub industry and selects only those who provide the highest value and quality products, sales, and service to participate in the Member Discounts Program as an Affinity Partner.

About APSP
The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) is the world’s oldest and largest association representing swimming pool, hot tub, and spa manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ agents, designers, builders, installers, suppliers, retailers, and service professionals. Dedicated to the growth and development of its members’ businesses and to promoting the enjoyment and safety of pools and spas, APSP offers a range of services, from professional development to advancing key legislation and regulation at the federal and local levels, to consumer outreach and public safety.  APSP is the only industry organization recognized by the American National Standards Institute to develop and promote national standards for pools, hot tubs, and spas.  For more information, visit

About Small Screen Producer

Small Screen Producer, headquartered in Houston, TX is a full service interactive digital media agency developing targeted, branded, content marketing strategies. We specialize in creating interactive web based media solutions that are not only searchable and socially shareable but virally engaging. Small Screen Producer is recently honored as a  Houston Business Journal “Fast Tech 50” firm, a Hubspot Gold Certified Honors of Distinction firm and Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses award recipient.  For more information visit



Business Profile: Pacific Pools and Patios

Pacific Pools and Patios

Pacific Pools and Patios is a full service backyard swimming pool builder located in Riverside, California. They create beautiful outdoor spaces that family and friends can enjoy for fun and relaxation in the Riverside County and surrounding areas. In order to display their great work and customer services skills they came to us to create a new web presence that is complete with innovative design, socially shareable elements and other great web optimization features.

Here is the “About Us” video we produced for Pacific Pools and Patios:

We built their web presence to include inbound marketing tactics which allows the customers to learn all about what Pacific Pools and Patios can offer to them. For instance, we featured the Free Report that gives customers all the details and information they need to know before they buy a pool. What a great tool!

The website also features a blog and photo galleries that allow the customer to engage and supports brand promotion. Overall, the Pacific Pools and Patios website was designed to feature specific keywords and eye-catching graphics that will attract customers and potential pool owners.

“It’s this passion for custom backyard swimming pools and our commitment to the families we serve that inspires us to offer the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.” – Pacific Pools and Patios

Isn’t it time to get your web presence search engine optimized, digitally engaging and brand appealing like Pacific Pools and Patios? We’d love to help!

Business Profile: Lone Star Seal

Lone Star Seal

Lone Star Seal is family owned and operated seal business. They have been working in the Houston area for over 7 years and specialize in pool coping, decks, waterfalls, patios, driveways, walkways and fences. They have the experience and expertise customers are looking for when in need of mastic and seal products but they needed a new way to showcase their great work.

A new web presence for Lone Star Seal was the answer to build brand, social media and customer engagement with customers. To get an idea how we brought all of these inbound marketing tactics together, here is the video we produced for Lone Star Seal and is featured on their homepage:

Along with this search engine optimized video we built Lone Star Seal a blog. The blog is where they can discuss topics, inspiration and where customers can ask the experts about anything Lone Start Seal. Blogs are a great way to build customer engagement and develop a fan following. Become an expert in your industry, like Lone Star Seal with a web presence that is well-established and optimized.

Business Profile: McKinney Custom Pools

McKinney Custom Pools

McKinney Custom Pools approached us to build a complete web presence that would include a new branded website, video production services, social media channels and a blog. We created a web presence that is search engine optimized, socially shareable and engages with the customer.

We wanted to showcase the many talents of McKinney Custom Pools with a video that would bring value to their business. Here is the video we produced for them and is featured on their homepage:

The business profile video is search engine optimized and housed on YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine out there and allows you to optimize the keywords, titles and even geo-tag the videos. The video will build McKinney Custom Pools’ brand presence and showcase them as experts in the pool and spa industry.

Let’s get your web presence up to pool and spa industry standards with a viral and customer engaging video today!

5 Tips to Effectively Use Pinterest for Pool and Spa

Pinterest for Business Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media network and has the 4th largest referral traffic source in the world; more than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing and Google combined. According to VatorNews, referral traffic refers to visitors to a website that came from direct links on their websites, such as Pinterest or Facebook.

Pinterest is growing and updating to adhere to the abundance of users because no matter what life stage people are in, they will still be able to use Pinterest for their surfing or bookmarking needs.

For example, a newly married couple could be pinning backyard and renovation inspiration for their newly purchased homes. Then years later the same married couple could be pinning new pool ideas that their children can enjoy with a new slide and waterfall feature. Your pool and spa company can be a relevant and important tool to the purchase cycle of many Pinterest users like this married couple.

Need help figuring out how to use Pinterest effectively? Here is a video that details the top 5 tips to get your Pinterest up and running:

In the long run, Pinterest is all about content. We’ve got the tools and the creative team to get the content creation ball rolling for your pool and spa industry. We can get you set up with photo galleries, video channels and even a blog that will help supply your Pinterest for all your fans! Capitalize on their visit with lead generation and lead nurturing practices, and you could turn Pinterest into a profitable investment for your pool services.

Let’s get started!

Are You “Pinteresting”?

Hi, I’m Brie with the Pool Marketing Site.  I am a newly wed (yea!) and currently doing what newly weds do best; spending money on my house!…er…I mean our house!

As I was browsing online for unique Christmas decorations the other day, I realized that as a young professional raised in the fast-paced world of computers and technology, the way I search for something is far different than my mom.  My mom, bless her heart, has magazines for miles from the JC Penny catalog to the latest Sears issue.  She loves when the magazines hit the mailbox.  I remember when the latest softball equipment magazine or some other teen clothing magazine would come, I was equally elated. Now, it’s all simply clutter to me. Along with most of my generation, that’s not the way I like to learn about new products anymore.


Sure, I can browse store websites selling Christmas decor, but that takes too long and I want to be able to find exactly what I’m looking for in an arena that shows me things that are my style, i.e. Pinterest.

According to their “About” section on their website (and the best definition I could find),

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.

People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things — wedding inspiration, favorite T-shirts, DJ equipment. You name it, people are pinning it.”

Basically, Pinterest is a way cooler and much more visual bookmarking site.  Think of it as a virtual post-it for websites and images you want to be able to remember and share with others. Off the site, as I browse the web and see something I like, I can “pin it,” meaning I can save the images and website link to my personal Pinterest board, which in turn shares it with the entire Pinterest community.  Are you starting to see the potential yet?

On the site, I can browse through everything that other people have “pinned” to their pin boards based on categories like “Wedding and Events,” “Food and Drink,” and most importantly for you pool guys out there, “Home Decor.” Or, I can search within the boards for exactly what I want.


My search for “Texas Pool Builder”

According to a demographic study done by Complete Pulse, 54% of Pinterest users are women, with the majority of those in the 28-34 age bracket.  Additionally, these users have quite a bit of disposable income. See an interesting article from MediaPost that ponders whether moms are choosing Pinterest over Google for their search inquiries. 

As I was looking through the “Home Decor” category today for my fun, Christmas decorations,  I saw a couple pool and backyard living photos (which end up linking back to the original website).  I don’t think you can get much more social than that!  As a potential pool buyer, I can find a photo on your website of a pool that I really like, “pin it” to my Pinterest board and share it with everyone I’m connected with, or even perfect strangers. As I “pin” something, I can also share that to Facebook, so then all of my Facebook friends will learn about your pool and website too! Think of how many leads and website traffic you could get, not to mention a healthy boost in SEO.

How do you get this Pinterest on your site?  People who are already on Pinterest can already “pin” your photos through a bookmark button created specially for the site, or you can add a custom “pin it” button on each of your photos!  As we always say here, there is no front door anymore!  Don’t be afraid of all of this technology. Embrace it! A simple added button on your photos can create a whole new marketing potential for you.


Why Your Website Needs Social Integration for SEO

We at the Pool Marketing Site LOVE social tools for pools, and strongly feel they’re a necessity with every website.  It’s great to have a Facebook Page or YouTube account, but you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle if you’re not integrating these into your website. In order to understand its importance, let’s look at how social tools affect search engine optimization, a term we’re sure you’re familiar with and currently doing.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of making your site the most relevant and easily accessed it can be for your visitors and for search engines.  It is not a miracle worker that can make your website #1 in all search results on all search engines.  There is never a guarantee that you can be number one in any search result, and it can take time to see results. It is a marathon, not a sprint.


With that being said, you may be thinking “Why should I bother with SEO, if there are no guarantees?”  You should incorporate SEO into your website as it can make your site the absolute best it can be.  It is something you should be working on diligently, yet giving any changes you make the necessary time it needs to assess its progress.  The better your site is optimized, the more appealing it will be to your target audience and to search engines.


Let’s start with search engines first.  As you probably know, the #1 search engine is Google.  Google sets the trend for all other search engines and how they rank certain websites.  The basic way this works is, Google has spiders or robots that crawl your website to find your site, read your site and index its contents.  From the information the robots or spiders gather, Google determines the relevancy of your site by comparing the keyword phrases it is optimized for versus the content.  Does it flow naturally or are keyword phrases forced into the content where they do not make sense?  Combine several other factors such as links to your site from another and the age of your site and you basically have the Google algorithm in a nutshell.  Google is constantly changing its formula or algorithm as to what is important and what is not.  At Pool Marketing Site, we incorporate an organic or authentic method of SEO, so that no matter how Google changes it’s formula, our clients’ websites will still be relevant and searchable.


Our friends at HubSpot have the research to back it up

Since we believe in an organic and authentic SEO practice, we like to call our version of SEO, Web Presence Optimization or WPO.  We use this term because we firmly believe that SEO and Social Media Marketing should go hand in hand.  The object of getting better SEO results with Google by increasing your web presence entirely is our focus.  What better way to accomplish this than using social media as your tool?   We incorporate the important SEO aspects and partner this methodology with a strong social media presence using Facebook, YouTube, blog posts, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, etc… as an extension of your website and your business.  Use your keyword phrases that are highly searched and competitive along with engaging content, posts, blogs, videos, pictures, etc… that all showcase your business to its full potential.  Your site users will have a better understanding of your brand and virtually be able to get their questions answered prior to the initial contact with you.


With this information in mind, please be wary of “build your own site” companies, and companies that don’t utilize this practice.  This is how it works.  This is where it’s going to continue to go.


If you want additional reading on this subject, check out this article by MediaPost. To see the benefits of each social network to help you choose what’s best for you, see a recent post from us that breaks it all down. It’s pretty fascinating stuff!

How Do You Go “Viral”?

We’ve all heard the term “viral,” whether you’re talking about a famous YouTube video (Rebecca Black’s “Friday” ring a bell?) or a social media contest that takes off.  We all want it, but how do you achieve it?

Is your content worthy of being shared?  Do you have a large enough network to encourage social sharing (see why each social network is important and what each can do for you here)?  Going “viral” doesn’t just happen.  You need to put in the groundwork and fully understand your network.  Check out this infographic from Digital Buzz that easily explains the definition of “viral,” and tips to get there! And remember, we have the tools to help!

Tweet Your Own News!

Pool Marketing Site is a social media agency, not a traditional public relations agency, so we’ll let you in on a little PR secret: Social networks are free distribution channels for your news!

With a little bit of guidance and some nimble fingers, you can share important information with social networkers in real-time settings online. We suggest an organized social media plan that incorporates a blog on your website with RSS, Facebook, Twitter and timely e-newsletter campaigns, but let’s take a closer look at Twitter today to understand what makes “tweets” newsworthy!

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently cited Twitter as an “increasingly powerful publishing tool that anyone, journalists and non-journalists alike, can use to broadcast news to hundreds or even thousands of people.” Celebrities, politicians, CEOs and organizations large and small are finding their voice on Twitter, while many traditional media outlets now using tweets as sources for feature stories.

Here are seven “newsworthy” tweet ideas to help you start promoting your brand, cause or event on Twitter:

  1. Event announcements and countdowns
  2. Product announcements and links to video demonstrations or product descriptions
  3. Promotions and sales: reward your followers with coupon codes or secret sale announcements!
  4. Awards recognition
  5. New hiring or employee promotions
  6. Expert advice or links to helpful blog posts or articles
  7. Customer assistance or Q&A

Which tweet techniques work best for you?



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